Commander Keen in Flash

I would like to dedicate this news to one of active participants in the site - at school, he was unrivaled guru of this great game.

I hope that many, like me, let miserly men tear passed the first level, collecting Chupa Chups and jumping on the heads of green chudikam;)

8 November 2006 | flash, head, level, news, party, school, website

“Three Kingdoms” - a new game project for the same-name book series by Yuri Nikitin
Splinter Cell: Double Agent Demo

• The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike »»»
One of the disciples of the Texas School decided to try his hand at design levels and created a map for the popular game Counter-Strike, which is exactly like the plan the school, where he received education.
• In Georgia, created a computer game against the Red Army in 1921 »»»
A new computer game “Kakutsa Cholokashvili” based on the events of 1921 and the Georgian troops fight the Red Army.
• Rashkintsy, be vigilant, even the walls and ceiling have ears and eyes. For you should have more eye heads the FBI! »»»
“The head of the FBI Raska sees and hears everything.
• What Disciples 3 the future bring?? »»»
Exit Disciples III Renaissance, another series of turn-based strategy game Disciples, will, without doubt, one of the most important developments in the industry of computer entertainment.
• LineAge 2 Goddess of Destruction »»»
NCsoft, each time more and more we are encouraged. In Busan (South Korea) was an exhibition.