Requires swineherd who wants to become a prince

At started playing “Svinopas.” 16-day surveillance of pig. Best swineherd become princes in Camelot, and learn about rock ‘n’ roll. Oink-oink.

28 November 2006 | prince, swineherd

Xbox 360 will become cheaper?
For PS3 shot is not fan

• Ru.Gizmodo.Com: Chess for beginners »»»
All learn to play chess in different ways. Someone is learning to play with my father / grandfather, someone buys chess Garry Kasparov, someone chooses other ways.
• Masyanya - dwarf. Kuvaev - too. »»»
Oleg Kuvayev (author of popular cartoon about Masyanya and hare Bo) little of what is playing in World of Warcraft, playing for gnomihu Svyaschennitsu.
• Interview with Jordan Mechner - the man who invented and drew one of the greatest computer games of all time »»»
- You pelevinskogo “Prince of Gosplan” read? - About three years ago read, yes - my Russian friends have advised.
• Interview mit Jordan Mechner - der Mann, und erfand zog einer der größten Computer-Spiele aller Zeiten »»»
- Sie “Prince of pelevinskogo Gosplan” lesen? - Vor etwa drei Jahren zu lesen, ja - meine russischen Freunde haben empfohlen.
• Entretien avec Jordan Mechner - l'homme qui a inventé et a appelé l'un des jeux les plus informatique de tous les temps »»»
- Vous pelevinskogo “Prince du Gosplan” lire? - Il ya trois ans lu, oui - mes amis russes ont conseillé.