Orthodox Gazenvagen ™ “a fun game for the office of the samurai.

Abstract animal swims in an abstract environment and an abstract eats food. Sad music, strange shadows in the depth and feeling of tranquility, harmony and infinity of being.

23 April 2006 | music, wednesday

Alternative news.
STALKER is dead!?

• Flash skipping rope with a very rapid habituation »»»
90% of the atmosphere of this game makes the music.
• Concerts devoted to the games »»»
The first concert, “made up” of the game music was held in 1994 in Tokyo.
• Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action »»»
One of the visitors E3 (xtubbyx) took video of SONY PlayStation 3 in action, namely the work of its menu.
• Moscow is playing a Dozor oktryabrya 7. The first game of the capital - Toys of the Gods »»»
The first game is free. Night, car, kilometers, roofs, basements, people, attics, fences, traffic police, roads, police, walls, trees, light, darkness, emotion, speed, adrenaline … This should feel.
• Hurry to see. Hellgate: London at E3 »»»
Hellgate: London combines the depth of role-playing and the dynamics of first-person shooter, while offering endless gameplay with dynamically generated levels, artifacts, enemies and events.