Lord Of the Rings Online: premiere of the new series Video

Developers Lord Of the Rings Online have decided to launch a series of thematic video of Lord Of the Rings Online. New films will be talking about various aspects and features of this toy.
And just the other day came out the first movie (43Mb) from this series, which will show you all about Bree.

27 December 2006 | developer, features, lord of, movie, prime, rings online, series, toy

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New Toy

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Recently, the gaming community there was a scandal, after the intention of the developers MMORPG Lord Of The Rings Online: Shadows Of Angmar enter the game and mezhpolye Interrical marriages.
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At Ten Ton Hammer forums posted a fresh interview on The Lord of the Rings Online with Turbine director Jeff Anderson (Jeff Anderson), in which he revealed a few interesting details about the quests.