PSP:: PSOne Emulator for PSP

Thus, the network has its first photo and video material from the press conference at the exhibition SONY E3, which demonstrates a working representative SONY PlayStation 1 emulator for PSP.
Emulator and all games are completely lie on flash drive - no UMD to run do not need .. .

12 May 2006 | dormouse, emulator, exhibition, material, network, playstation, psp, representative

Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action
Note terbium:: PSP:: GTA Vice City Stories - is no longer rumors

• PSP:: SONY Press Conference at E3 »»»
In anticipation of the exhibition E3 EXPO, SONY held a press conference and spoke about the updates to the company, which we see in the near future.
• PS1 - classics already available for PSP »»»
By issuing the freshest firmware 3.01 for PSP, Sony announced - from now on it will be running games with the classic PlayStation 1.
• Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action »»»
One of the visitors E3 (xtubbyx) took video of SONY PlayStation 3 in action, namely the work of its menu.
• Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3) »»» site présenté la vidéo de démonstration du nouveau jeu Virtua Tennis 3 pour les consoles Sony Playstation 3.
• "Swiss army knife" (PS3 SAK - Swiss Army Knife) for the Playstation 3 (PS3) »»» in front of the entire planet, presenting - PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.