Guild Wars: winter holiday break new records

But members of the notorious company NCSoft had a very interesting study on the overall game time spent gaming in the project for the winter holidays …

8 January 2007 | company, gamer, holiday, record, staff, survey

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• The author of the new most downloaded iOS-game is a 14-year-old »»»
In the distribution system recorded a new App Store is the downloadable game - physical Puzzle Bubble Ball.
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Modern company Anuloid Games, together with its professional staff in the world of mobile technology, has developed a new super-game for Android and IOS.
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On Saturday, November 28 start Gstar, organized in Busan company BEXCO.
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Pekingese died in an Internet cafe after nearly a month spent on the World Wide Web, wrote Tuesday portal Tsyanlunvan.
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One of the most popular computer games available for mobile phones!