Virtual people will acquire stories

Company Electronic Arts announced the game The Sims Life Stories, an offshoot of the popular series of simulators of human life The Sims, reported on the website Gamespot.

17 January 2007 | company, electronic arts, history, life, man, series, sims, simulator, website

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For those who are interested in the future of Ultima Online, translated boltalki with prodyusorom

• Electronic Arts will release a continuation of The Sims »»»
Company Electronic Arts plans to release a continuation Thе Sims.
• Lara Croft returns to work in 2008 »»»
In 2008, the popular Tomb Raider game series will be continued, announced SCi, parent company of Eidos Interactive.
• Electronic Arts publiera une suite de The Sims »»»
Company Electronic Arts prévoit de sortir une suite Thе Sims.
• THQ will release a competitor World of Warcraft »»»
Company Games Workshop and THQ announced that they will release a new massively multiplayer role-playing game, events that will develop in the Warhammer 40000, reported on the website Bit-tech.
• Electronic Arts wird eine Fortsetzung von "Die Sims release »»»
Electronic Arts plant die Veröffentlichung einer Fortsetzung Thе Sims. Die Fortsetzung, muss sich auf einen Plan Entwickler neues Leben in der beliebten Serie, in 22 Sprachen übersetzt atmen und in Mengen von 70 Millionen Exemplare weltweit verkauft.