A blogger made a parody of Second Life

The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life. Site Get a First Life imitates almost completely design the portal’s largest virtual gaming universe. Unlike the original is reduced to that blogger Darren Beyrfut not offer to play in any online gaming, and advises simply start a real life - just go out and find themselves in an exciting multiplayer mode for free.

25 January 2007 | blogger, parody, portal, projects, second life, website

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• WOW 2.0 - Second Life, House-3, and other online games not yet released "Corporate Secrets" »»»
Experience Project Second Life virtual worlds will change, even if the project fails.
• Coft, Games new portal on the Internet »»»
Coft Portal, Latest Free Games, Free Videos, Deshovye Dedik Server, Sell ICQ UIN, Graphics, Programs for Sotvyh phones.
• Coûta, Jeux nouveau portail sur l'Internet »»»
Coûta Portal, Dernières Free Games, Free Videos, Deshovye Dedik Server, Vendez ICQ UIN, des graphiques, des programmes pour téléphones Sotvyh.
• Sweden has opened an official embassy in the computer game »»»
Sweden becomes the first country in the world, which will open a diplomatic representation in the virtual world, namely - in the game Second Life.
• Lego is from childhood accustomed to online games »»»
Company Lego and NetDevil work to develop a Massively Multiplayer Online Games, said Kotaku.