WELL Online: details of the game system

Developers impending entry to the massively multiplayer online role-playing game WELL Online shared some information about its system. As it turned out, the race in the product will not have any relation to religion. A good example, we can take Arraunta, which can easily worship God lizards …

7 February 2007 | detail, developer, information, online, output, product, race, ratio, system

World of Warcraft: news from the fields
Within two years, Intel will introduce its 16-core gaming GPU

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Most recently, CCP, developer speaking infamous MMORPG called EVE Online.
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Staff portal GameIndustry.biz could smell out some information about the impending entry to the MMORPG from the company Sony Online Entertainment.
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Unsure developers interesting multiplayer online role-playing toys Scions of Fate has finally decided on the date of its release.
• Entwickler bereiten eine neue EVE Online MMORPG »»»
Die meisten vor kurzem, als CCP, Entwickler sprechen berüchtigten MMORPG EVE Online.
• THQ will release a competitor World of Warcraft »»»
Company Games Workshop and THQ announced that they will release a new massively multiplayer role-playing game, events that will develop in the Warhammer 40000, reported on the website Bit-tech.