Before the release of GTA4 left …

235 days 9 hours 50 minutes 4 seconds. No, I was sitting with a calculator and timer, and not even used all sorts of organizers and planners. I learned this from my screensaver, which leads the countdown to release a new series of the game Grand Theft Auto IV.

22 February 2007 | day, grand theft auto, h, output, seconds, series

Has been released demo of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Finns to condemn the Americans for the death of the space fleet

• Computer game turned the teenager into a skilled assassin »»»
Relatives of three people shot dead a teenager of fourteen in July 2004, accused the company Take Two Interactive, has generated a series of playing Grand Theft Auto.
• GTA drove through anime »»»
The Ballad of Gay Tony (The Ballad of pidarase Tony).
• GTA traversions anime »»»
The Ballad of Gay Tony (The Ballad of pidarase Tony).
• GTA fuhren durch anime »»»
Die Ballade vom Homosexuell Tony (The Ballad Of pidarase Tony).
• In GTA4 will play for the Russian? »»»
Released the first trailer Grand Theft Auto IV, and in addition to an advanced graphics, reminiscent of Half-Life 2 there is another point: the protagonist is not a black and a man who speaks with a pronounced Slavic accent: “Life is complicated.