Installation normal brightness on Quake 3

In Quake 3 under Windows Vista are often not regulated by the brightness of the picture. That is all very dark and fix it from the menu does not work. But not all is lost. The problem is solved from the console.

28 February 2007 | brightness, console, images, installation, issue, quake, vista

Game marathon killed a resident of China
STALKER sent to print!

• Note terbium:: Video PS3 in action »»»
One of the visitors E3 (xtubbyx) took video of SONY PlayStation 3 in action, namely the work of its menu.
• Note terbium:: Video PS3 en action »»»
L’un des visiteurs de l’E3 (xtubbyx) a pris vidéo de SONY PlayStation 3 en action, à savoir le travail de son menu.
• And yet all future games will require Windows Vista »»»
Unfortunately, the information that DirectX 9.0L is the analog of DirectX 10, but to work with Windows XP, was premature.
• Vista has blocked 70 million secretaries »»»
Immediately after the release of the new operating system Windows Vista was discovered that she was “not friendly” with most casual games.
• Vista verfügt über 70 Mio. Sekretäre »»»
Unmittelbar nach der Veröffentlichung des neuen Betriebssystems Windows Vista wurde entdeckt, dass sie “nicht freundlich” mit den meisten Casual-Games.