GTA IV and a real New York. Compare

GTA 4 - is a remarkable blueprint of New York. Foreign bloggers are not lazy and compared photos of the city with personnel from the game. It turned out very clearly.

1 April 2007 | city, gta, gta iv, new york, photography

Mayor of New York spoke out against GTA IV
Living in Berlin played in the box from the game Counter-Strike

• Mayor of New York spoke out against GTA IV »»»
City of Liberty City, which will develop action game, very similar to New York.
• Encounter - unusual game »»»
Under the terms of the game, the team must be a few hours to 7 photos, which must meet the conditions imposed.
• Ice frog threw dota-allstars? »»»
Recently, a remarkable fashion designer to the game Warcraft III, lazy in their work.
• The Chronicles of theater of the war in Libya. March 9, 2011 »»»
March 9 foreign journalists finally managed to find in the sky over by Libya that same awful Libyan aircraft.
• Encounter - jeu insolite »»»
Selon les termes du jeu, l’équipe doit être de quelques heures à 7 photos, qui doivent satisfaire aux conditions imposées.