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Journal of Game Developer has prepared a report on the average salary of developers over the past three years.

Minn notorious company CMP Media Game Developer magazine polled more than a thousand European developers from the UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, has documented the average salary of developers over the past three years. Download Game Developer Salary Report: 2004 - 2007 can be from CMP for a modest $ 3000, but the most interesting facts from him, of course, we have them.

3 April 2007 | company, developer, germany, industry, journal, report, thousand, united kingdom

Command and Conquer 3 gorgeous
Cubic plane curve Revolution

• A gamer-killer »»»
November 20, in Germany, a fan of shooters, took up arms, went to school, which were concerned he was not too successful the past.
• Casual "Invaders" created a $ 150 thousand »»»
The company Alawar Entertainment has finalized Magic Ball 3 - the third part of the very popular series of 3D-arcade in the world.
• Children learn computer faster than tying shoelaces and cycling »»»
Study of anti-virus company AVG found that children are taught techniques for using computers and electronic devices before and easier than with the acquisition of traditional skills everyday.
• Game Lair for the PS3 is nearly completed ... »»»
In an interview with an authoritative resource, Game Informer, president of Factor 5 Julian Egebreht (Julian Eggebrecht) details about the project said Lair, who is now created for the PlayStation 3.
• Known hacker made a program that allows you to run everything on the PSP games on PlayStation »»»
The news that on the PSP you can run games from the first PlayStation, ponachaly was received with enthusiasm.