The student was expelled from school for the cards for Counter-Strike

One of the disciples of the Texas School decided to try his hand at design levels and created a map for the popular game Counter-Strike, which is exactly like the plan the school, where he received education.

3 May 2007 | counter-strike, level, map, plan, power, school, student

Before the Fallout 3 trailer only a little over a month
Fallout 3 Alfa version, swing?

• Collected for fans of the Universe Star Wars »»»
Company LucasArts has announced its plans to release collector’s collection of Star Wars: The Best of PC, which will include the most popular games created after the known universe.
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We put on paper glasses and see the hand, holding a Kalashnikov rifle.
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In-game advertising agency IGA Worldwide has signed an agreement with Valve to introduce advertising to Counter-Strike.
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Studio Threewave Software shed light on some facts concerning the recent deal on the use of Counter-Strike as an advertising platform.
• Dans Counter-Strike seront publicité »»»
In-Game Advertising Agency IGA Worldwide a signé un accord avec Valve pour introduire la publicité à Counter-Strike.