British defense minister demanded the ban computer game Medal of Honor - it can play for the Taliban

British Defence Secretary Liam Fox (Liam Fox) demanded a ban the sale of the game Medal of Honor, reported The Guardian. Multiplayer shooter, which takes place in Afghanistan, can play not only for the combined forces of NATO, but also for the militant Taliban. Liam Fox called it “disgusting.”

Speaking about the game, Liam Fox has admitted that it “shocked the desire anyone to reproduce the actions of the Taliban, ‘” that killed many British soldiers. The politician has promised to “convince” stores in the UK to show patriotism and to refrain from selling military shooter, which is slated for release in October 2010.

In response to this statement by the representatives of Electronic Arts noted that the game “merely reflects the fact that every conflict has two sides.” According to publishers, in multiplayer Medal of Honor “someone has to be the Taliban.”

23 August 2010

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• Medal of Honor developers have removed the Taliban from multiplayer »»»
Publisher Electronic Arts has decided to remove from the multiplayer Medal of Honor to play on the side of the fighters of the Taliban.
• Medal of Honor-Entwickler haben die Taliban von Multiplayer entfernt »»»
Publisher Electronic Arts hat beschlossen, aus dem Multiplayer-Medal of Honor auf der Seite der Kämpfer der Taliban spielen zu entfernen.
• Medal of Honor développeurs ont chassé les talibans du multijoueur »»»
Editeur Electronic Arts a décidé de retirer du multijoueur de Medal of Honor à jouer sur le côté des combattants des talibans.
• Available for review free multiplayer beta first-person shooter Medal of Honor »»»
Effective from 4 to 7 October. Size - one and a half gigabytes.
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