WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange became a computer game character

Browser-based flash game on the events surrounding the infamous resource WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, appeared on the Internet portal reported TechCrunch.

In a humorous game, “Wikileaks: the game”, created by an independent developer from the Netherlands Sebastian Mojsov (Sebastiaan Moeys), a player in the role Assange need to get into the office of President Barack Obama (Barack Obama), while he was asleep and steal secret files from his computer . As noted by commentators TechCrunch, this is not the first game dedicated to WikiLeaks: previously known was uncomplicated flash toy “Uncle Sam vs. Wikileaks”.

In addition to games, activities notorious resource dedicated to a number of film production. Hollywood soon start four film project about Julian Assange, and on Swedish television last weekend was a documentary WikiRebels, dedicated to the events around the portal and its founder, and contains interviews with several people close to the organization. Currently, the film is available for viewing online at the Swedish broadcaster SVT, as well as video sharing YouTube.

WikiLeaks - an international nonprofit network project, the declared purpose of which is the publication and analysis of materials that have become available due to leakage of information. The site already has published several documents on military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, capable of inflicting serious damage to the U.S. administration. The latter caused a wide international resonance leaking was the publication in late November, supposedly official documents and correspondence of American diplomats - a selection of over 250 thousand files represents the largest database of confidential documents ever found in the public domain. Via Games

13 December 2010

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