Passengers burned in Surgut flight will receive 20 thousand rubles for the escape from the flames

Airline “Kogalymavia, which belonged to a burned-out on January 1 on the runway at the airport of Surgut Tu-154, announced its decision to give all passengers the ill-fated flight assistance amounting to 20 thousand rubles. Insurer airlines SOGAZ, also promises not to delay payment, as soon run out of vacation. Now hospitals are about 30 injured.

Rostransnadzor January 2 ordered the airlines to suspend flights on Tu-154B to determine the cause of the crash in Surgut, where the day before after starting the engines burn jet airline Kogalymavia “which was supposed to fly to Moscow.


The TU-154 passenger jet-medium-range, intended for use on routes of 500 to 4000 km. Was developed in 1975. Modification of the Tu-154B-2 is equipped with more modern equipment and more powerful engines. According Rostransnadzor in various Russian airlines operated 15 aircraft Tu-154B, two of them-in “Kogalymavia.

Investigators, meanwhile, once again visited the scene and found the “black boxes” burnt “carcass.” Both flight recorders, parametric and sound, were transferred to the Interstate Aviation Committee, the committee is working on a MAC decoding them.

In addition, according to the Investigative Committee, were seized and sent for analysis samples of fuel, which was filled with TU-154, as well as technical documentation from the airline. There are no new versions of what happened until nominated.

On the eve of recall, suggest the risk of fire engine was hit by a foreign object. With the engine flames spread to the interior.

Criminal investigation into the state of emergency was brought under Part 3 st.263 the Criminal Code (violation of traffic safety and operation of air transport, and entailing by negligence the death of more than two persons), but the Transport Minister and Igor Levitin told reporters on January 1 noted that while no one version of

3 January 2011

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