As the Siberian programmers made the world to play. An article about the company Alawar Entertainment, which created the “Farm Frenzy”

… Now Lyskovsky thirty-four years. His company is still based in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. Not going to change the registration of the patriotic and financial considerations: keep the company in Novosibirsk, cheaper than anywhere else. Lyskovsky himself, he says, lives on the plane.

- Can I ask you my favorite question, which does not even matter?
- Let’s.
- Say, for computer games - is evil: they eat up time, and in return Well, absolutely nothing, no-thing-shen-ki! In addition, also cause dependence. How so? ..
- You have written a pack of cigarettes: “Smoking kills” - is it you do not mind? Producers, too - looks, squinting slyly. - A wine? Harmful same, but drink and have fun. Games - it’s just entertainment, they relax. I myself play.
- But I think they are just people who are not too tense to relax and they do not have, is not it?
- I do not know. Well, let it be fun, fun, filling the free time - like a movie, book, - a very convincing Lyskovsky said.

15 March 2012

Diablo III will be released on May 15. In Russia, it will be available from June 7.
MMO Strategy for End of Nations will fall

• At least 40% of the players World of Warcraft dependent »»»
If you have dry eyes, there are headaches, back pain, disturbed sleep, then, in accordance with the theory of Dr.
• Spore - Global Evolution »»»
For many years, Will Wright (Will Wright) is recognized as one of the greatest creative minds in the gaming industry.
• In South Korea's launching of the world computer games - similar to the real Olympic sport »»»
This is - similar to the real Olympic sport, which will bring together about 20 000 “on-line athletes’ Computer games are a real sport because they are accompanied by chants and fans.
• Make a video - get a prize! »»»
At its twentieth Blizzard made a video where he told about all his accomplishments during those long twenty years.
• NIKITA.Online - 18 years on the crest of a wave »»»
October 14, 2009 Moscow October 14, 2009 Company NIKITA.Online, one of the leading publishers of online games on the territory of Russia.