Than wealthy candidates. Ukrainian presidential candidate filed a declaration on their income

Ukraine was the deadline for declarations of income, which should provide the tax MPs and candidates for president. By law, all documents of officials should be published within the next month, but the content of the declarations of many of them are already known. Most Ukrainian politicians posing as “ordinary people”, in fact, earning hundreds of millions of hryvnia per year.

About obtained in 2013 earnings report have already Prime Yatsenyuk, Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada and Ruslan Koshulinsky Minister Igor Agropolicy Schweich. Rushing and CEC: he published a declaration six of the seven officially registered presidential candidates.

Among them are the richest proved People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions, but self-nominated for election Tihipko.

Last year, it earned 263.5 million hryvnia ($ 23.9 million).

239.5 million ($ 21.7 million) of this amount - dividends and interest from bank deposits and securities. In this presidential candidate is too rich to do “extra” purchases: for example, it does not have a personal car, but seven luxury cars from its fleet he rents more than 900 thousand hryvnia ($ 81 million) per year.

The second highest number of earned money last year - the ex-governor of the Kharkiv region, Mikhail Dobkin. However, compared to its revenues Tigipko seem minuscule: 21.9 million hryvnia ($ 2 million).

At the same time Dobkin much more personal property: three cars, boat, trailer and flat area of ​​44.4 square meters. m

President of the All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress Vadim Rabinovich boasts a wealth of family - it personally only two cars, but relatives have three plots of land, apartment, two houses, summer house and three cars.

But the keen interest aroused declaration journalists Valery Konovalyuk self-promoter. That last year earned only 55.3 thousand hryvnia ($ 5 million), but with no problems posted bail in the amount of 2.5 million hryvnia. How he collected this amount is not very clear.

It is also unclear how such proceeds Konovaliuk earned an apartment of 190 square meters. m, a garage for 26 m. m, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Range Rover. The other members of his family still has a 143-meter apartment and Porsche Cayenne.

Of course, the great interest aroused and income statement of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Lady S over the last year declared the total income in the amount of 180 thousand hryvnia ($ 16.3 million). His was the only source of her salary - compensation for work head “Fatherland” Tymoshenko received while in prison.

According to the declaration filed by the Central Election Commission and former Prime owns a flat area of ​​59.4 square meters. More meters, as stated in the document, Tymoshenko no property and financial savings.

She herself recently showed journalists the rental housing: a luxurious mansion in the Empire style in Concha Zaspa (elite cottage settlement in a suburb of Kiev, which is called “Ukrainian Rublevka”) area of ​​450 square meters. m

Tymoshenko said that rents this house for more than ten years, but

2 April 2014

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