SHAHMATON, drafts and other Tim

A resident of Pavlodar, alias Ahmadil, invented a few games on the chess checkers theme.

Conventional chess, the usual rules of the game, only two differences:
1. After the capture of an enemy piece piece can not just stay where taken shape, but go to one of the neighbors, but the free cells, according to its course:
* pawn can only go one square forward, if the cell is free;
* Rook and an elephant can go to one of their 4-neighbors, but the free cells;
* king and queen can go to any adjacent but free cell;
* only the horse can not use it, because of their status;

2. There is no castling and double first move a pawn (item is not mandatory, at the request of the players)

features, noticed in the analysis of several games in Shahmaton:

1. The specificity of Defense: the simple nomination of pawns and other pieces now is not to defend the approaches to the location of their shapes, or endanger the capture opponent’s pieces, but now such steps, by contrast, pose a threat to defeat an opponent with impunity figure that has made such a move;
2. Devastating attack queen, bishop and rook: if successful, these early figures, especially the queen, can very quickly cause great damage to the enemy, which leads to the demoralization of the enemy and defeat it further;
3. Walking to the end of the game virtually impossible to protect, respectively, it is impossible to hold it in Kings “;
4. Becomes more difficult to mate, because King can now take the shape of the enemy, if it is near, and step back or to another unbeaten field. Now you need to put the Shah (and math) to the King to “distance”.

Checkers Tim
1. The usual set pieces - 12 white and 12 black chess board measuring 8 x 8;
2. Original location - black on black squares, white - with white;
3. Checkers first walk as in conventional checkers, but - black on black, white on white cells; begin white;
4. If a checker enemy is near, at one of the four neighboring cells (not diagonally), then it must take (direct capture), standing in its place (for the e4-e5 in the example below);
5. For pieces that have been on the “territory” of the enemy, the rules of moves and take (diagonal) as in conventional checkers;
6. Allowed, as usual, a few takes in a row, including if the combined direct and diagonal capture;
7. When choosing between straight and diagonal capture is carried out only one of them;
8. Plays (as in conventional checkers) the one who does not remain checkers or blocked passages.

Estimated start a game of checkers Tim:
1. d3-e4; f6-e5
2. e4-e5; d6-f4
3. f3-f4; b6-c5
4. …

game, he says, was invented, the 07/03/2006, at a time when my son 6 years, putting the figure for a game of checkers, he asked: “And white on white set?”. Therefore, a new game named in honor of his son.

Chess Tim
Conventional chess, a common set of figures, the usual rules of the game, only three differences:
1. The game is played on the 100-cell board, although it may be, and the classic 64-cell board;
2. Construction of figures first game entirely free within the first 3-series (in the case of the classic board within the first 2) secret from the enemy (for this can be a screen in the middle of the board is removed after the building pieces);
3. There is no castling and double first move a pawn.

In the interview he said: I tried that new rules were not too fanciful, I think he has reached this. Simple innovations (all genius is simple, as they say, excuse my immodesty))), do not have new details as well as on the other hand arrived.

But readers judge forums and all those who are not alien to the new.

Regards castling and the first double of the foot - in shahmatone can leave them, just we have another argument was, he said that castling through broken field should not be, because King substituted for the taking, I say that according to my rules, it is possible, so I felt it necessary to remove the castling with dopiskoy that you can leave. Are there any thoughts on this question of principle is true.

A first double course decided to remove, as they say, for the company, its like you can leave and shahmatone and Tim in chess, or remove.

A castling chess Tim excluded itself, on the basis of a free arrangement.

By the way, came across the message that he Karpov formally introduced a new intellectual game, which he called “the new chess”.

Play and have your say.

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