Championship Quake III: The last step to the capital

October 7, in St. Petersburg, took nine of ten tournaments, in passing through the country “Tour 10 cities. Strongest gamers country demonstrated their skills in the arena of computer game “Quake III”. From morning until evening, the best of the best, armed with a keyboard and mouse, find out the relations on the battlefield.

8 October 2006 | championships, city, country, gamer, october, quake, step, tournament

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• Roman politicians were given laptops with computer games, so they do not get bored on long meetings »»»
To pass the time at meetings of the urban economy that can drag on late into the night, members of the City Council of Rome issued laptops fitted with the computer games.
• Seoul equate online games Drugs »»»
South Korean authorities want to equate computer games to drugs and alcohol.
• Quake - 15 years as one day (spetsmaterial) »»»
June 22, 2011, passed exactly 15 years since the shareware-version of the legendary shooter Quake.
• A gamer-killer »»»
November 20, in Germany, a fan of shooters, took up arms, went to school, which were concerned he was not too successful the past.
• New Trailer Unreal Tournament 3 »»»
Epic company introduced a new exclusive video game Unreal Tournament 3 release is scheduled for the second quarter of this year.