Ctrast to Mmorpg can grow in the “addiction”?

Curious statistic leads GameSpot UK. According to sociological studies, at least in 12 percent of online gamers are showing signs of pathological dependence on MMORP games.
Currently MMO-games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Second Life are becoming more popular. Number of users of some of them have already calculated in the millions. In particular, World of Warcraft proudly announces the seven and a half million registered players, sales of Guild Wars Millin made two copies, but in Second Life are more than a million gamers.
These studies show that many of the players lost touch with real life and not see the point in existence without the on-line games.
On a global epidemic still early, but the trend can not but cause for concern.
What may well be that in the near future on the pages of MMO-games, we can contemplate the inscription “MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNING … ” or something like that.

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28 November 2006 | gamer, million, mmorpg, online, rate, statistics, survey

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