Voyage Century Online - need alpha testers!

Voyage Century Online - one of the few MMORP-games, the main events which unfolds not on the ground or in space, and at sea. Featuring a great graphics, intense battles and exciting adventures at sea, and (sometimes, of course) on the ground, this game will be a real boon for the brave captains, who too lazy to leave home employment creation favorite chair at home (well, or at work, for example). Trade, craft, looting and battles, even search for treasure - the creators of toys are tried, to bring you in a pretty atmosphere of the 16 th century.
So therefore, I believe that you will not miss a deaf ear to the call of developers, and every one of his shoulder to flow into the shoulder is not yet numerous, but already seasoned salt spray water in all oceans of alpha testers!
To do this, just take a pen in the inkwell maknut and drop a few lines. Then there is the message tightly in a stale bottle up your bottle of rum and throw into the sea. It remains only to make sure that your letter was intercepted by anyone, and went at
Believe me, you will not be in the losers!

13 December 2006 | , adventure, battle, eva, event, graphics, land, place, sea

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