Opera on the Wii

Company with a capital letter “N” decided not to leave the brainchild of the recently released Wii unattended and today announced a regular lotion to her. Despite the already existing network service distribution of retro-game called Virtual Console, the company intends to introduce at the Wii Shop popular program browser Opera. Software will be available for download is the 23rd of December this year.
By the way, until June 2007 the first PC gamers will be given this opportunity is absolutely free. Heavy fighting three platformoderzhateley continues. PlayStation Network, Wii Shop, Xbox Live has already been involved. What will be next? What surprises us is prepared for their fans and customers? Or Microsoft again is going to break the implicit contract of five years of life of current platforms and will soon release a successor to the Xbox 360?

14 December 2006 | company, company, name, opera, service, wii, wii shop

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Pyhar and HroniG

• Microsoft disabled the 600 thousand Xbox 360 from Xbox Live »»»
Company Microsoft has blocked access to Xbox Live for about 600 thousand Xbox 360.
• Judicial patch »»»
It happened a little continuation of the story a month ago - when the autumn Xbox 360 firmware upgrade put out of hundreds of boxes.
• Microsoft désactivé les 600 mille Xbox 360 à partir de Xbox Live »»»
Société Microsoft a bloqué l'accès à Xbox Live pour environ 600 mille Xbox 360.
• Virtua Fighter 5 »»»
SEGA have once again demonstrated their care attitude to the adherents of the PlayStation 3 - first withhold Virtua Fighter 5 for better times, but now he announced the same to the enemy camp - Xbox 360.
• Personal mercenaries! »»»
Unheard of news. Driven only by her explanation, Electronic Arts decided to release a continuation of the GTA-shaped fighter Mercenaries are not only on next-generation consoles - the list of target platforms randomly wormed and PC.