The most expensive virtual property

For example, David Storey, a student of Master in Sydney, gave $ 26 500 for a virtual island. According to the Guinness Book of Records, is “the most expensive virtual object,” says the magazine “Forbes”.

His purchase could be perceived as crazy, if now he did not belong to the empire worth a million dollars - the island Amethera Treasure Island in the virtual world of Entropia. This is a rare hunting reserve, and for the right to hunt in it, many people are willing to pay money. The island brings more than $ 100 000 per year - real money, says Storey.

Although the case of Storey and get out of the series, buying and selling virtual goods in video games and virtual worlds is becoming commonplace. According to research firm Inside Networks, virtual economy of the United States alone should reach this year’s $ 1.6 billion (turnover in 2009 amounted to $ 1 billion). The world market, which ruled by China and Korea, some experts estimate at $ 10 billion

But, despite all the hype around virtual goods, it is hard not to wonder why people are willing to pay for items not existing in reality. Founder of the company-developer of social games Ohai, Susan Wu, said that users of its games use virtual goods as a means of communication and to decorate their pages on the Internet. Virtual goods also help them win the game. “The main role here played by the relationship. This is the question of status”, - says Wu.

We Castronova is an even more simple explanation. “Why do people buy diamond earrings?” - He said. - They just raise their spirits. ”

26 February 2010

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