Gamers will be able to feel pain from the virtual blows and wounds

Gamers will provide a tool for a deeper immersion in virtual reality. Developers of the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) have created a tactile vest, allowing the owner to experience the pain of the blows, knife or gunshot wounds.
Vests Tactile Gaming Vest can be used to enhance sensations while playing PC shooters like Call Of Duty, etc. During the game, first-person experience, which could experience a character on the screen (there is all really), transferred to gamers.

For example, a gunshot wound, the player will experience a vibration, shock and heat in that part of the body, which flew by a stray bullet Computer. However, without severe pain - it is unlikely the owners would like vests.

Developers tactile devices indicate that inspired an era of 3D, in which the creators of games, movies and other entertainment are trying to make the picture as realistic as possible. With the development of such a tactile vest - a first step to 4D, the virtual world in which people are not only immersed, but have identical natural physical sensations.

31 March 2010

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