Visitors to Google spent 5,000,000 hours over a game of Pac-Man

May 21 Google users conducted over a game of Pac-Man 4,8 million hours, writes a blog RescueTime. On this day, Google has posted on the home page online game Pac-Man.

On average, visitors spend on search engine daily site 33.6 million hours. However, the day of thirtieth anniversary of the game this figure was exceeded by almost 15 percent. Total users spent on Google an average of 36 seconds longer than usual. These data were derived from the study site visits by a team consisting of 11 thousand people.

Taking as a basis for a daily audience of search engine in the amount of 500 million visitors (data service Wolfram Alpha 21 May), the resource was possible to calculate the time spent playing in the Pac-Man.

25 May 2010

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