The “war on terror” will cost more than World War II

The total value of U.S. military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, coupled with the costs associated military operations in Pakistan will be more than $ 4 trillion and could surpass the cost of World War II, according to a study of scientists from the Institute of International Studies Uotsonovskogo Brown University, referred to by The Independent.

In their calculations they took into account hidden costs such as interest on military loans. Already, the total expenses are 2,3-2,7 billion dollars, besides that officially allocated for these purposes only 1.3 trillion. And with the cost of care for veterans and the disabled will 3,7-4,4 trillion, say the authors of the study. In today’s prices at the Second World War, America spent about $ 4.1 trillion, says The Independent.

This prediction is applied to a number of adverse financial circumstances such as significant budget deficit, the next largest country, the costs of medical and social insurance, as well as the fact that “the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, in contrast to most previous conflicts involving America, almost entirely financed through borrowing, which sooner or later have to pay “- the article says.

Number of victims of the campaign against terror, experts estimate at 225-258 thousand people, of which U.S. troops - about 6100, people in Iraq and Afghanistan - about 139 thousand Approximately 7.8 million people became refugees. Achieve the U.S. with “more than doubtful,” wrote the correspondent Rupert Cornwell. Neither Iraq nor in Afghanistan about the full bloom of democracy can not speak, but “from the Iraq war, won more than any mortal enemy of America - Iran.”

30 June 2011

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