Wii U - new hybrid from Nintendo

What is at this time will surprise us, the Japanese delegation? * Drum roll * A new revolutionary controller. Not original? Oh, come on!
This time, the controller will be staffed by not only the accelerometers, gyroscopes, vibration, camera, microphone, and even the screen, the stylus and the speakers!
In general, what is shown by the representatives of hard to call nintendo controller. Rather, it is fashioned nowadays Tablet PC with touch screen diagonal of 6.2 inches, which interacts with the console as a controller in combination.

8 June 2011

Subway in China
Results issledvaniya ESA: The average age of American gamers is 37 years old

• Tomorrow, March 25, will take the Russian release of Nintendo 3DS »»»
Price of the device is unknown. One can only assume that the novelty will not be cheaper than in Japan.
• Coming reissue GTA: San Andreas »»»
In October 2014, as you know, it will be exactly 10 years since the release without a doubt a great, revolutionary at the time and became a legendary game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
• Download Median XL 1.99d (Mod for Diablo 2: Lod) »»»
By far the most popular and beautiful fashion in Diablo
• Xbox 360 will be 3D-prefix »»»
LG Electronics has announced that between their company and Microsoft
• Compromised security system console Playstation 3 »»»
With hackers PSJailbreak claims that she was able to circumvent the protection of game console Playstation 3 and set on her own, and pirated software.