Game “Happy Farmer” has become a reality. Players will run through the Internet this farm

In a pilot project MyFarm British farm for the first time in history have entrusted the Internet community. For £ 30 you can become one of the 10,000 people who jointly take decisions on all important issues.

Richard Morris, a farm manager, said: “I’ll put that online farmers want to grow. Manage the farm - it is always a compromise, there is never unambiguously right or wrong answer. I take one decision, and my neighbor, peering over the fence, shook his head . In Internet farmers will not be able to choose to grow marijuana, or bananas, but will certainly strange decision that I myself would never take. ”

By the way, the British are experimenting with online democracy and in the higher regions - for example, the creators of the recently opened sotsseti really believe in the possibility of interaction between citizens and governments through a democratic online interface.

Virtual community of farmers will lead discussions on issues, and then impose it on the ballot. Each month there will be one big vote and perhaps somewhat less significant. One source of inspiration for the project has become a game Farmville, the second most popular in Facebook, which has a monthly audience of 47 million people.

5 May 2011

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