In Minsk, Belarus eliminated first in the Internet-brothels

Minsk police reported the elimination of the first Belarusian underground network of online brothels. Virtual public house consisted of two studios located in the elite new capital, reports BTRC. For the provision of specific services was adapted 30 rooms, each of which housed the computer, webcam, desk, sofa and love accessories.

Sexual services are provided through a special website for foreigners. “This organized group carried out its activities through banks abroad, the money came back, one minute of the communication cost from 2 to 5 dollars. Basically, using the services the citizens of the United States and Europe, access to the site of the CIS countries has been blocked,” - said Yurii Tkachuk, a senior operations officer for ATS GUBOPiK Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The organization of virtual brothels in Minsk suspect two Belarusians and a citizen of Latvia. By selecting the “employees” engaged in Letts. “Citizens of the Baltic states were given the announcement of paid work through web cameras, specifically in the ad did not say,” - said the police.

Since women workers negotiated contracts, they were paid from $ 300 to $ 1,000 a week. Virtual sex services rendered more than 80 girls. According to preliminary data, the income of owners of Internet brothel hundreds of thousands of dollars. The main suspects could face up to 10 years in prison for operating a brothel for prostitution.

17 June 2011

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