VTsIOM: More than half of Muscovites believe interethnic relations in the city tense

The data of sociological poll was revealed alarming results: more than half of Moscow residents believe interethnic relations in the city tense and even konfliktnymi.Sredi 51%, negative assessments of the dialogue between people of different nationalities in Moscow, the proportion of those who think the situation with national minorities "hard", comprised 36%, and those who described the situation as a conflict - 15%.

3 November 2009 | city, half, moscow, muscovite, ratio, representative, results, situation, vtsiom

GTA drove through anime

• They kill the Russians every day »»»
A major American publication - The Washington Post, known for its ambiguous position regarding the mythical "Russian hackers", compiled a list of the main villains of computer shooters.
• In GTA4 will play for the Russian? »»»
Released the first trailer Grand Theft Auto IV, and in addition to an advanced graphics, reminiscent of Half-Life 2 there is another point: the protagonist is not a black and a man who speaks with a pronounced Slavic accent: “Life is complicated.
• 10-year-old Muscovite drew thief game on the computer, and came home owner held him »»»
Muscovite with a child of ten could neutralize of two robbers in his apartment, and release the minor hostage.
• Online games in China became possible only under real names. From May 1, mandatory identification of identity cards »»»
Play online games in China becomes possible only under real names.
• Triangular diplomacy in Civilization IV »»»
Many new players use diplomacy effectively unsystematic way. They used diplomacy only when this became necessary.