The prize for the subscription?

Email mailing originated at the dawn of the Internet. Now the most famous is There is a list with many thousands of subscribers, but most - of small and irregular.
But nobody in the history of mailing does not offer prizes for popisku. This is the first site did, who offered a prize draw in as much as $ 100 for those who receive the newsletter by December 5. Moreover, from this date on the distribution of stock awards are not terminated, although the recipients of subsequent mailings will be eligible only for 50 dollars, and this action promise to continue long enough.
The question arises, do a solid site can not “roll” your mailing list simply due to its interesting content, and decided to pay its subscribers? However, the organizers argue that content distribution will always be at a height, and the action is - just a way to quickly gain an audience, so useful for readers of these materials are found most readers, but not drowned in the depths of the electronic world.

22 November 2010

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Who are against violent games?

• Number of subscribers to WoW falls »»»
Yesterday the company Activision Blizzard told investors its performance for the 1 st quarter of 2011.
• Make a video - get a prize! »»»
At its twentieth Blizzard made a video where he told about all his accomplishments during those long twenty years.
• Creator Sims received the award »»»
Producers Guild of America announced that on January 20 will be awarded prizes in 2007 Vanguard Award for outstanding achievement in the modern media technologies, the creator of The Sims and SimCity Will Wright.
• Video games sales went around movies in the United Kingdom »»»
The British Association of e-commerce division of Electronic Retailing Association reported that in the last year in the United Kingdom video game.
• Nival Network has announced a competition of young developer with a prize fund 200 000 rubles »»»
It is held in two categories: game designer and concept artist.