In Los Angeles there was a restaurant where dinner can play computer games

In the largest city in sunny California has opened an unusual restaurant, where dinner all alone, playing your favorite computer games. Visitors uWink communicate only with the touch screen through which they choose any dish on which the delivery takes a few minutes.
Note that the new restaurant is designed primarily for single people. According to the authors of the project Bushenella Nolan, visitors will come not only for food but also for entertainment. During lunch, everyone has the opportunity to read a magazine, watch a movie and play computer games with other visitors of the restaurant.
This facility is a logical continuation of a trend that is typical of the generation of social networks, transforming breakfasts, lunches and dinners in an extra reason to participate in the online fuss.

29 March 2012

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A few days ago, many users of digital distribution service Valve faced with the fact that they can no longer go into offline mode, which allowed them to play without a network connection.