Google search turned the issue into the game

In the search engine of Google, there was a game whose aim was the “protection” from Google “monsters” that represent the letter “o”. “Easter egg” is reportedly in microblogs, there was a day of April 27, Moscow time.

When searching on-demand “zerg rush” on the page appears a large number of “monsters” attacking the interface elements. Each of these elements has its own life bar, and the task of the user - as much as possible to destroy the “monster“, as they do not have time to “eat” the entire contents of the page.

For pest control the user needs to click the mouse on each of the “monsters” as long as their scale of life does not reach zero. On the page at the same time there are two counters - the first counts the number of destroyed “monsters” and the second - the number of clicks per minute (APM).

After completing the game, you can publish the results on your page in a social network Google +. At the same time Google has called the “monsters” zerg (zerglings), as well as one of the races in the series of games Starcraft. The Zerg are known as the race that counts in the battle of the large number of attacking units.

The term “zerg rush” commonly understood as one of the tactics of the game for the Zerg, which consists in massive raids on enemy bases.

27 April 2012

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