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28 May 2010

Ulyanovsk Governor proposed to create computer games based on the Russian classics, such as the novel “Oblomov”
Interview with Jordan Mechner - the man who invented and drew one of the greatest computer games of all time

• Children learn computer faster than tying shoelaces and cycling »»»
Study of anti-virus company AVG found that children are taught techniques for using computers and electronic devices before and easier than with the acquisition of traditional skills everyday.
• Dota 2 - What will it be? »»»
IceFrog promises come true and on the website GameInformer was actually an article published announcement Dota 2.
• The annual sale of computer games on Steam will begin June 12 at 21.00 in Moscow »»»
Before you dig, colleagues, remember that the H2 is a category of “Games” and in it as much as much as 3 sub-sections.
• Video Games to help get rid of congenital cataracts »»»
Video games can improve vision in people suffering from congenital cataract (clouding of the lens).
• Square Enix has registered the name Hitman: Absolution »»»
Have appeared that the European Union Trademarks ticket came from the company Square Enix for the registration of a new brand - Hitman: Absolution.