Deputies of the Duma opposition trolls zaDDoSili Duma beat Kirkorov on Twitter and become heroes Runet

“Italian strike” in the State Duma has become the most discussed topic in RuNet. Unusual demarche Duma opposition devoted an enormous amount of blog entries, heshteg # ItalyanskayaZabastovka won first place in the Russian trends Twitter, displacing the quarrel with Timothy Kirkorov.

Meeting of the State Duma has attracted so much attention is hardly the first time in the history of parliamentarism in Russia. Tens of thousands of people watched the transfer of hundreds of amendments to the uniform live and exchanged impressions on Twitter.

During the day the deputies did not have time to consider the proposals and a half from the “Fair Russia”. The party has prepared more than 350 amendments, and each of them individually voiced. Monotone enumeration figures churned MPs astray, causing repeats to the delight of the authors of the strike. Netizens once joked that the deputies “announce the Sports Lottery draw.”

Other jokes were associated with the words of Alexei Mitrofanov, who called the strike sadists and asked not to do that, “what do the soldiers in the barracks after lights out, when there are no women.” In addition, users have assumed that sits without interruption deputies came to the hall in diapers.

Now, the State Duma is preparing an unprecedented step - working the night shift. In the Speaker Sergei Naryshkin has the right to extend the meeting until the morning. The fact that this right will take advantage of Naryshkin, warned by the idea of ​​a strike, the deputy-spravoross Dmitry Gudkov.

@ Gudkovd: “For the first time the State Duma, cordoned off by riot police will work night to push repressive law on fines. All the retweets! # ItalyanskayaZabastovka.”

What would happen in the Duma after the sun goes down, tell the program “Today. Results” at 23:15.

5 June 2012

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• The State Duma has introduced color levels of risk. U.S. refuses to color levels of risk »»»
The State Duma approved the introduction in Russia three-tier system of terrorist threat.
• Youth Committee of the State Duma wants to encourage Russian ruble manufacturers patriotic games »»»
After the scandal surrounding the game “Call of Duty”, where gamers offered to shoot civilians passengers at Sheremetyevo, the State Duma is seriously concerned unpatriotic content of computer games.
• The State Duma adopted a law on the factions "of small parties in regional parliaments »»»
The State Duma on Friday passed in the third and final reading a presidential bill to allow MPs from the “small lots” to form a regional parliaments and parliamentary faction association.
• CEO Raspadskaya Gennady Kozova in response to the miners to raise salaries: "improve the skills!" »»»
Emergency mine Raspadskaya in the Kemerovo region will be rebuilt, jobs in it saved.
• Slot machines may soon be legalized again »»»
The State Duma on Friday will consider the second reading of amendments to the law on lotteries, “Vedomosti” familiar with these amendments.