Top 5 games, for those who flew with the release of

If this year you are not lucky enough to go on holiday in the summer, then this article 100% for you. We gathered all the most suitable games to help survive this tremendous stress stuffy, unbearable city.

16 May 2010

U.S. video game market declined by a quarter
Top 5 games for those who do not go on vacation

• Top 5 games for those who do not go on vacation »»»
Summer - it is on one side happy, the other a sad time.
• Roman politicians were given laptops with computer games, so they do not get bored on long meetings »»»
To pass the time at meetings of the urban economy that can drag on late into the night, members of the City Council of Rome issued laptops fitted with the computer games.
• Carmageddon reincarnated »»»
Team gathering to realize this ambitious project into reality - the same Stainless Games, which made the original.
• Virtual city for $ 50 thousand »»»
In the browser-based online universe Wizards World has its first city valued at $ 50 thousand Clan “Steel Hawks built their own city - City Hawks.
• Japanese companies have postponed games out of the disaster and calamities »»»
Because of Japan tsunami struck, several game companies decided to postpone the yield on the Japanese games market, which is tied around the plot and natural disasters.