Valve will release a new version of Counter Strike in early 2012

One of the testers, Counter-strike: Global Offensive shared details of the gameplay before the game on display Gamescom.

In his post on ESEA News, Craig “Torbull” Levin said that the game definitely is not Counter-Strike 2, it is perfectly built for e-sports, but will please both amateurs and professional players.

According to him, the game at this stage does not include new modes, and the game itself supports the establishment of servers and dedicated servers.

Levin and his colleagues testers played some classic maps - dust, dust2, inferno and nuke, and they said that the Global offensive back more maps, but rebuilt for eSports.

“Maps look nice, smooth animation, the model of the gun looks cool!” - Enthusiastically said Levin.

“Every new piece of CS should look aesthetically pleasing, as for kibersportmenov, and for the audience. It is not like 1.6, and despite the engine Source, it is not like the CSS”.

Classic weapons back, but will also add new weapons. Levine listed a heavy automatic rifle, pistol and shotgun. The most different he called Molotov cocktails and grenades bait. Levin praised the flash and smoke grenades.

UPD: At design time, Valve listen to opinions and stories of professional competitive players. At this point physics in the game is almost perfect, but Valve do not hesitate to want to change it so that players do not feel that they are playing the old CS. During the test, found an imbalance of weapons: old weapons firing is not exactly new but it was a bit stronger. Molotov will slow down opponents, or force them to change the route. Granata bait will create sounds shot. According to unconfirmed reports, the beta test planned for this fall, and the output of the game will take place in early 2012.

Description of the game has already appeared in Steam!

15 August 2011

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