A few hours ago the stock Humble Introversion Bundle

This is the seventh event Humble Bundle - action, in which all those who wish to buy a set of games at a price that sets the buyer, and buyer can manually distribute - much of his money will go to game developers, as well as for charity.

Humble Introversion Bundle, as you might guess, is associated with a fairly well-known team of Introversion Software. In the bundle includes the game started it: Darwinia, Multiwinia, DEFCON and Uplink.

Those who pay above average price (at time of writing the news, it is $ 3.16), additional games will Aquaria and Crayon Physics Deluxe.

In the load by buying the bundle you get two techno demo, play with that will, unfortunately, only Windows users.

22 November 2011

Released client Desura (digital distribution service games) for Linux
Russian decision? Rokirovochka …

• The annual sale of computer games on Steam will begin June 12 at 21.00 in Moscow »»»
Before you dig, colleagues, remember that the H2 is a category of “Games” and in it as much as much as 3 sub-sections.
• There was release of the transport economic strategy of real time OpenTTD 1.0.0 »»»
After 6 years after the start of development and three Release Candidates OpenTTD game reached version 1.
• Network shooter Team Fortress 2 was free »»»
Valve Company has made online shooter Team Fortress 2 for free.
• The old 8-bit game for the NES sold for $ 13 105 »»»
User of the auction eBay, which has decided to sell the old game console Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and a few games, suddenly became the owner of a considerable sum of money.
• The most expensive virtual property »»»
For example, David Storey, a student of Master in Sydney, gave $ 26 500 for a virtual island.