Usually conflict are due to “the territory of the prize”, but in this case, the “loser” will be the one who gets control of the depressed Donbas

Ukrainian Donbass is on the verge of economic and social collapse and Russia is becoming a headache, says Foreign Policy.

Since March 2014 the region had left 2 million of its 5 million population. Many refugees are educated middle-class professionals, and they are unlikely to return.

Thus, the region has suffered from the loss of irreplaceable intellectual and human capital. Of the remaining 3 million inhabitants 2 million - are children and pensioners, that is workable is 1 million people, the magazine adds.

Permanent salary is received only a third of the inhabitants, large areas suffer from lack of gas, water and electricity, and the economic downturn will continue for as long as military operations will end, according to the material. Over time, the population of Donbass will be composed of senior citizens, barely surviving thanks to their farms, children forced to feed on the street, women processors and desperate men who have to choose between alcoholism and material compensation for their participation in the fighting, said the publication.

The longer the fighting continues, the less will be able to support the Donbass themselves, the magazine writes. In addition, it is noted in the article, the current situation is favorable to Kiev, because it can insist that he would never leave the Donbass, while doing nothing for its “liberation”. As for Russia, in any case, it will be faced with the region “no future”, which will be a burden on its economy for decades, concludes FP.

Out of Kiev’s Hands
Why Ukraine’s failing Donbass region is becoming a big headache for Russia.

5 May 2015

The American company has blocked access to the Crimean popular computer games
Guide to the British election on May 7 (”Politico”, USA)

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