LineAge 2 Goddess of Destruction

NCsoft, each time more and more we are encouraged. In Busan (South Korea) was an exhibition, where the company introduced a new update of the legendary online games LineAge 2, under the title Goddess of Destruction.
After celebrating his seventh birthday, in 2010, the company decided to radically change the game. According to the developers, we expect a lot of changes. Besides the new graphics will also be seriously changed the gameplay and combat system. Will be four professional system of awakenings, which included welcoming area and new movements for the characters.
As promised developers a character will now be able to jump, but jumping on the latest information will most likely not. But something similar will be implemented in instanns zones. Practically implemented good governance with a keyboard - klavishamiA, S, D, W.
Of course, not without content updates. We are promised 60 new raid bosses and more than 400 weapons. Will be added to new areas, skills, pets and even new hairstyles for the characters.
Plot LineAge 2 Goddess of Destruction is based on the conflict between waking goddess Shillen and man.
At the moment the project is internal testing. The official release date has not yet announced.


29 January 2011

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