Released client Desura (digital distribution service games) for Linux

18 November 2011 | choice, customer, development, distribution, linux, month, service, status, user

U.S. Department of Defense will teach new recruits to the pain
A few hours ago the stock Humble Introversion Bundle

• Has been released flash game, making fun of the situation in Russia Mail »»»
This game in comic form reflects the pressing problems of Post of Russia and the problems of its customers.
• Released and available for download first-person shooter Alien Arena 7.45 »»»
Today a new version of FPS Alien Arena, which is available for download to Windows users and Linux.
• The Lord of the Rings Online: The active distribution of keys in the Euro-beta »»»
News from the category of “Urgent Room” - site began distributing keys (making a total of 8.
• Le Seigneur des Anneaux Online: Les actifs de distribution de clés dans la région euro- »»»
Nouvelles de la catégorie des “Urgent Chambre” - Le site ComputerAndVideoGames.
• Russia's "Heroes." Overseas sales created in Russia game recouped its development costs for two months »»»
I think this is the first major success for Russian programmers in the development of computer games.