The creator of Full Throttle and Monkey Island is raising money to create a new game - one day raised $ 460 thousand

Tim Schafer, author of classic quests Full Throttle!, Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, intends to “return to roots” - to develop a new adventure. The plans for the legend and his Double Fine studio creating the quest “in the spirit of the old school.” Alas, no publishing money on implementation of the idea to no avail.

And yet the game to be. If only because the project is estimated at only $ 400 thousand, while the funding responsibility of the mighty shoulders of the public. Fundraising has already begun, and you connect: Kickstarter.

It was assumed that the collective welfare last month. But are not such fans of Schafer. Less than a day had raised $ 460 thousand, and a piggy bank filled with everything! Minimum fee - $ 1. Giving a $ 15, you get its full version, the account in a closed gaming community dedicated to the project, and early access to beta versions. For the money can be greater hope for pictures, autographs and more. For example, a $ 15 thousand for lunch with Tim Schafer and the key developers for $ 50 thousand to become a game character, and $ 150 thousand, in addition to the above, get out of the hands of Mr. Schafer’s one of the four remaining unopened boxes Triangle Boxed Day of the Tentacles.

9 February 2012

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