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10 November 2009 | creation, for sale, internet, portal, program, server, soft, website

The temptation - a unique browser-based project with role-playing game and puzzles that is unparalleled in the market of online games.
RF Interior Ministry prohibited the console version of Call of Duty

• A blogger made a parody of Second Life »»»
The popular Canadian blogger made a parody of the project site Sesond Life.
• Fbi closes pirate servers lineage2 »»»
Yesterday, 17/11/2006 by the FBI had been closed several leading unofficial servers (around 20) Among them: http://www.
• FBI schließt Piraten Lineage2 Server »»»
Gestern hatte 17/11/2006 vom FBI geschlossen mehreren führenden inoffizielle Server (ca.
• Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3) »»»
Site submitted video demo of the new game Virtua Tennis 3 for Consoles Sony Playstation 3.
• Online game "Myst Online: Uru Live" will become Open Source »»»
Company Cyan Worlds resumed work site massive multiplayer online game “Myst Online: Uru Live” after his two years of inactivity.