Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) will be released in 2 years

2nd in a row during the Revolution Grand Th[t:tag slug=grand]Granduto[/t:tag] universe accounts for the year 2008, when I got GTA 4 on PS3 and XBOX360, and also for next year has been ported to the PC, by the way the PC version is a half-baked port which was carelessly thrown on the gaming market.
The plot of the game was presented as a kind of barrier between real life and virtual life because RAGE graphics engine technology allowed to watch an incredibly beautiful and realistic picture, and has recently released a mod for the PC version is completely erased the line between reality and virtual world! The city in which the action is none other than Liberty City, but it increased in size and modified and is the prototype of the modern New York City, and now every street in town has a name and areas of Alderney, Broker, Bohan, Dukes - this is the exact copy of New Jersey, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens.
Life in a game closer to reality, if the previous parts can be simply opened the door on someone else’s car just to go, here we have to break the glass sklomat locks and start the engine, it was much more in this wonderful world called GTAIV If we talk about plot it is quite commonplace for a series of GTA. The protagonist Niko Bellic comes from Eastern Europe arrived in Liberty City to his cousin Roman, who has a small problem with the Albanian group and … oh no … with the RUSSIAN Mafia, which he owed a large sum of money, Roman and Niko helps to solve its problems, though it makes its methods.

There were also two wonderful additions in 2009, the Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, which showed the life of 2 representatives of society.

It’s been enough time since the last part of the GTA and that’s just recently been announced continuation of a series called GTA 5 is immediately overgrown with rumor and speculation, it became known that the city is in the new part of the Los Santos GTA: San Andreas, also appeared a sensational rumor that 5 Part-I WILL NOT on the PC. From the trailer has recently shown it may be noted even prettier graphics and zametnor added to the beauty and the scale of the city Los Santos, unfortunately there is no longer officially news from Rockstar Games was not, so wait for the next year.
It should be noted that due to anti-social views on some things with the game in the series Rockstar Games has repeatedly had to appear in court, the game has repeatedly banned in many countries, but this did not prevent her to win the love and respect of many fans and a worldwide love, because this world is even Not all, but who is living deep in the soul, and surely every fan of the series wants to go a little bit there and feel like the main character a series of GRAND THEFT AUTO.

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10 March 2012

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