Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox One less than a day

The other day[/t:t[t:tag slug=sutki]day I published the news that the Japanese corporation Sony has been able to sell about a million new game consoles PlayStation 4 per night. This - very powerful achievement that can be called more successful than the start of sales of the previous generation of consoles. However, Microsoft has been able to repeat this achievement, having sold a million of its own gaming consoles Xbox One less than a day.

However, comparison of the amount of sales of consoles Sony and Microsoft a few correctly, since the Japanese company began selling its devices in the U.S. and Canada, and Microsoft launched the sale immediately in 13 countries. Nevertheless, sales of video game console Xbox One are much better than the early days of the Xbox 360 sales.

Now Microsoft executives said the company is “working on creating more consoles to meet the growing demand for the holidays.”

Thanks to the “cloud statistics”, we already know that gamers who bought Xbox One, killed 60 million zombies “Dead Rising 3″, drove 3.6 million miles in “Forza Motorsport 5″ and hit 8.5 million enemies ” Ryse: Son of Rome “.

24 November 2013

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