Gate 88

Very unusual (available under the three operating systems) freeware strategy combines the features of games like Homeworld and Star Control. The main thing is to highlight more than the original graphic design and support for multiplayer.

22 January 2007 | features, strategy, support

Secret Agent females in Splinter Cell 4 for the PS3
Company of Heroes DirectX 10

• MMO Strategy for End of Nations will fall »»»
End of Nations, a massively multiplayer strategy studio Petroglyph Games, will appear this fall.
• Company of Heroes DirectX 10 »»»
Representatives of the studio Relic Entertainment ( “Impossible Creatures”, “Homeworld”, “Warhammer 40.
• Release of OpenTTD, the free strategy game, simulating operation of the transport company »»»
Originally developed as an analogue of the OpenTTD game commercial Transport Tycoon Deluxe, but later turned into a self-contained project, well ahead of the game features the standard version.
• What Disciples 3 the future bring?? »»»
Exit Disciples III Renaissance, another series of turn-based strategy game Disciples, will, without doubt, one of the most important developments in the industry of computer entertainment.
• Half-Life 2 goes into space »»»
The network has a beta version of Eternal Silence, an unusual modification of Half-Life 2.