DELETE YOURSELF! “Blog Archive” Gather Rubik’s cube in 22 rotation.

There is mathematical evidence that it is the Rubik’s cube from any position you can collect up to 22 lamps. Nevertheless, this theorem until recently not been proven in practice.

14 May 2006 | cube, position, rubik, turn

PSP:: SONY Press Conference at E3
MEMBRANA / Designer Castle Wolfenstein turned in Guantanamo

• Cubic plane curve Revolution »»»
A couple of weeks ago under the heading “Things” got into a device resembling a Rubik’s Cube - Rubik’s Revolution.
• Cubic courbe plane Revolution »»»
Quelques semaines auparavant, sous le titre “Choses” obtenu dans un dispositif ressemblant à un Rubik’s Cube - Rubik’s Revolution.
• Cubic ebene Kurve Revolution »»»
Ein paar Wochen unter der Rubrik “Dinge” in ein Gerät ähnlich einem Rubik’s Cube - Rubik’s Revolution stand.
• New items from Blizzard in the new year »»»
In World of Warcraft came megaboss, which is practically impossible to kill.
• The developer of the dispute created a deliberately dull game for Facebook. Game rating and gained popular »»»
Many suspect that the games in social networks - it is something from the category of silly fun.