Luba Shumeyko on the cover of the new rooms “PC game”

Bright image Luba Shumeyko used for promotion for the game Jagged Alliance 3. In this capacity, Luba appears on the cover, disc, poster and picture in the magazine. However, everywhere one and the same photo> :-(
I just for the sake of it and bought this fucking magazine.

1 February 2007 | cover, drive, image, images, journal, luba shumeyko, number, pc, quality

Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony
EVE Online in Russia

• New star for Need for Speed »»»
Ladies and gentlemen, Electronic Arts needs your help - the company can not choose another girl, who adorn themselves the next part of Need for Speed (think of the way, as the official announcement) and, apparently, boxes and advertising posters closer to the release.
• Classroom Time Beat »»»
Say that in Japan such tests are the people of those professions that require memorization of details.
• "Schweizer Taschenmesser" (PS3 SAK - Swiss Army Knife) für die Playstation 3 (PS3) »»» vor dem gesamten Planeten, präsentiert - PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.
• Installation normal brightness on Quake 3 »»»
In Quake 3 under Windows Vista are often not regulated by the brightness of the picture.
• "Swiss army knife" (PS3 SAK - Swiss Army Knife) for the Playstation 3 (PS3) »»» in front of the entire planet, presenting - PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) v1.